This program area is self explanatory and very important to the growth of young men. There should be a service project quarterly. This will meet the needs of both the Teachers Quorum and Varsity Team for service. Priesthood service and Varsity Team service can be synonymous, with the exception of Priesthood ordinances and Home Teaching. This service will also meet the needs for Scout rank advancement and for the Aaronic Priesthood “Duty to God” award. One Scouting service project should be on the annual calendar in November each year, “Scouting for Food”. This is a nationwide Scouting service project prior to Thanksgiving to collect donated food stuffs and provide them to food banks for the needy. The Varsity Team should be helping with the collection and the stocking of food banks. Another area of service is Eagle Scout service projects. There are also Ward or Branch service projects. All these service opportunities need to be correlated so that the Varsity Scouts have adequate service experiences but so that the number of service events do not become overbearing. Service should be balanced with the other areas of emphasis in Varsity Scouting.