Personal Development

This program area of emphasis is typically divided into three parts: Spiritual, Social, and Leadership. In the Church, the Spiritual area is usually meet by giving talks in church, participating in priesthood ordinances, home teaching, quorum instruction, seminary, the Bishop’s Sunday Evening Discussions, Temple baptism trips, and Youth Conferences. Another part of spiritual development is to also have devotionals and appropriate spiritual instruction on Varsity Team High Adventure or camping type events. A Personal Development (Spiritual) Varsity Team Program Manager can be responsible for oversight of the Varsity Team’s participation in these spiritual development events under the supervision of the Quorum President/Team Captain. He can help plan, be on the committee for, publicize, report on, and conduct these events as appropriate. Social development usually means joint and combined activities with the Young Women and Stake Dances. It can also mean Brotherhood events for the Varsity Team members such as getting together to watch a good video with food and conversation, or a board game night with food and conversation, or a sleep out (or in) with food and conversation, or a Father and Sons camp out or cook out with food, games, and conversation. (Notice: for a Teachers age young man, a good part of social development involves food and conversation.) Leadership development can use Team developing and problem solving games and events to teach and practice leadership and followership. Another valuable assist is to teach about and “how to” do various aspects of leadership: planning agenda, event planning, backward planning, working with volunteers, meeting management, traits of a leader, great leaders, etc.