High Adventure

This is one of the key program areas of Varsity Scouting. Teacher age young men need greater challenges and new adventure. The High Adventure program consists of quarterly adventures of shorter duration (2-4 days) and an annual High Adventure in the summer of a longer duration, a week or more in length. The quarterly adventures are generally of the Team’s own making. The annual summer High Adventure is generally from Monday to Saturday within a manageable travel distance. The summer High Adventure can be of longer duration and at distant locations based on the needs of the quorum/Team members and the approval of their priesthood leaders. There are excellent High Adventure programs at BSA High Adventure Bases in Florida (Florida Sea Base), New Mexico (Philmont Scout Ranch), and Minnesota (Northern Tier). Many Scout Council camps throughout the United States also have excellent High Adventure programs. The summer High Adventure can also be of the Team’s own making and is not limited to BSA camps and High Adventure bases. A necessary resource for planning High Adventure is the BSA book, “Passport to High Adventure.”

src: http://www.lds-scouts.org/resources/sct_varsity.pdf