Varsity Scouts should be encouraged to advance and provided opportunity to advance in Scouting rank and to earn the Eagle Scout Badge. This is a good part of personal development to set goals and achieve them, give service, practice leadership, and provide the positive incentives of personal awards. However, it is recognized that not all members of the Varsity Team may be interested in advancement. The Eagle Scout badge is not for everyone, only those who are interested in getting it and willing to put in the work to get it. The Varsity Scout Team should not be an Eagle factory. If it is, those young men who are not interested merit badges will stop coming to Varsity Team meetings.

The best way to do advancement and meet all the needs of all the Varsity Team members is to do the interesting and fun parts of a merit badge topic in Varsity Team meetings and activities and then direct those members who want to pursue the merit badge to a merit badge counselor or Varsity Team Coach or Assistant to complete the requirements. For example, if the Aviation Merit Badge is going to be taught, the Team is told that they will be doing some fun and interesting things in aviation, it is not stated that. “We are going to do the Aviation Merit Badge”. It is stated that those that wish to earn the merit badge can use the fun and interesting things that the Team is going to do to complete many of the requirements for the merit badge. Then you proceed to do the fun and interesting things like going flying in a plane, go to an air show, visit an Air Force base or air port control tower, have a pilot come to a meeting and talk about learning to fly, fly in an air plane simulator, go to a radio control model airplane show, or go to Air and Space Museum. This way all the Varsity Team members have a great time and those that want to get the merit badge can go on to do so. In this manner, advancement opportunities can be provided almost every month. For those on the Eagle Trail, their advancement needs to be monitored and they need help to earn the required badges, properly conduct an Eagle Scout Service Project, and to properly complete an Eagle Scout Application. This is the duty of the Varsity Team Advancement committee member and the Team Coach.